About J's Cafe Brunch & Bistro

Bringing Joys of Diversity with Premium Taste

J’s Café Brunch & Bistro is Now Open!
Coming to you from Downtown Kelowna promoting three main missions:

  • Be Green

    he green you see represents our “Farm to Table” attitude; supporting local businesses and using environmentally friendly products.

  • Be Gourmet

    J’s Café dishes are made with a “home cooking” flavour. J’s Café will also serve “Chef’sTable” options which serve Gourmet 6~7 Course meals paired with drinks! Specially invited Chefs will collaborate with Chef Jacob to serve their own signature dishes for your delight!

  • Be A Community

    Our Staff at J’s Café view customers as community members and hope you feel at home in our establishment! During common gathering times, join us for Festive family turkey dinners! Food and Family go together at J’s Café !

About Jacob Lee Owner Chef

Wide Spectrum of Experiences makes differences.

He has moved in Canada since 2013 for being grown up his culinary skills at Marriort hotel and Edmonton Convention Center as role of Chef position. He Moved to Franchised Business Management Since 2020 for role of General Manager of Gangnam Street Food INC. Restaurants and Coorperate Chef role as Mirae Invest Company INC. Also he has been participated and achieved medals from culinary competitions such as Canadian food championship and World food championship in USA and Achived 2 high Silver Medal as Culinary Olympic (IKA) in German as National Culinary Team Canada 2018~2020. Now he is a WACS certified Class-B Culinary Judge in Canada for grown up more on his culinary skills"

J's Linguine from J's Cafe